Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course, you can sell your car at bhalogari whether you buy a car from us or not.

Bhalogari will soon launch its own car insurance service, where the insurance service will be easy for you.

You can trust Bhalogari for a hassle-free buying and selling experience. We offer the best selection of used, reconditioned, and brand new cars for you to pick from. You can select the car you want according to your budget and your preference. Our platform is free of trouble and worthy of confidence.

You will pay through by choosing one of our preferred payment methods.

How to buy your car with Bhalogari?

Choose Your Car

We have compiled recommended information that you want to know to buy your car.

Contact Seller

After you've selected a car, we arrange a viewing to seller location or one of our points.

Financing & Registration

We deal with the paper work to avail your financing and registration in 24 hours

Get Your Car

Embrace the joy of Car Ownership without any of the hassle!

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