About us

About Us

Bhalogari.com is a digital niche of connecting car shoppers and sellers who are truly interested in buying or selling automobiles mostly classic cars. Bhalogari.com is a market place of automobiles where authentic and comprehensive information about the car are provided to the customers so they can make the buying decision without hesitation. In the same way, it is a platform for the sellers, who are looking forward to unload their car as soon as possible. Bhalogari.com launched on 15 September 2017 and it’s headquarter is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Innovative and prompt technical solutions, certified dealers, photo rich listing with necessary information, excellent service to the customers are the key factors of elevating local communities of bhalogari.com.

Few years ago, buying or selling cars through a digital platform was something very surprising as well as shocking for the people of Bangladesh. But now you can buy or sell your car just browsing the internet through automotive market place “bhalogari.com”.